Relief Mission of TFCOS and SocSciSoc of Our Lady of Fatima University (Antipolo City)


Thanks to the students, adviser and professors of Our Lady of Fatima University in Antipolo City, especially of the Social Science Society. Our relief mission in Malanday and Sto. Nino in Marikina City yesterday (3rd of September) was a success!















Appeal for Typhoon Maring and Habagat Affected Communities


Southwest monsoons which bolstered tropical storm Maring (International name Trami) caused devastation to the lives of many families in Metro Manila, Southern, Northern and Central Luzon for the past three days.

In Northern, Southern and Central Luzon, heavy flooding was experienced by residents of Bataan, Laguna, Cavite, Pampanga and adjacent provinces. Even big national roads experienced flooding and destruction.

In Metro Manila, most cities were submerged in water. The incessant heavy rainfall affected families, especially in urban poor communities. They were then evacuated to schools and churches for safety and protection. In Quezon City, approximately 2,200 families were affected while in Marikina City, around 1,000 families were affected. Other cities were not exempted from the rage of the southwest monsoon.

Typhoon Maring has left but families are still in evacuation centers which are crowded and many have experienced hunger due to the delay of relief delivery. Children and adults alike already have illnesses, cough, colds, fever, diarrhoea and skin diseases due to the flooding.

These families need to be reached out and the Task Force Children of the Storm (TFCOS) is counting on your big hearts. We need more support in the form of in kind and cash donations to be able to give flood affected families the following:

  1. Easy to cook and ready to eat products: noodles, sardines, tuna, corned beef and other canned goods, dried fish, etc.
  2. Rice, Salt, Sugar, Coffee
  3. Potable water
  4. Sanitary and personal hygiene needs: toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diaper, laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush
  5. Medical needs: alcohol, bandages, povidine, medicine for cough, colds, fever, diarrhoea, pain reliever for both children and adult

Aside from these items, we also count on your tireless volunteerism to help us gather, package and deliver the relief goods. TFCOS also needs volunteers for clean-up drives, health missions and psycho social first aid.

Thank you very much and your help will go a long way.

Task Force Children of the Storm



Together with MIGRANTE INTERNATIONAL, the TASK FORCE Children of the Storm held a gift giving activity to the victims of typhoons Ondoy (Ketsana) and Santi (Lupit) in the coastal municipality of Bay (pronounced as Ba-i), Laguna; last December 19, 2009.  The communities were home to many families of migrant workers.

Part of Laguna Lake that swelled during the typhoons Ondoy, Parma and Santi. This photo was taken right beside the elementary school in Brgy. Tagumpay

The municipality of Bay, Laguna is situated along the coast line of Laguna Lake, which swelled in the wake of four consecutive typhoons that hit the Philippines last September and October and to date, has not yet receded.   First stop of the group’s gift giving activity was in Brgy. Marianville, where 100 temporary shelters for typhoon victims were built by the Swiss Humanitarian Aid.  Majority of the at least 1000 individuals who currently reside here were from Brgy. Alfonso and Tagumpay, two of the Barangays situated near the lake.

The group distributed school supplies for children in pre-school and elementary level, while their parents received used clothing donated by different migrant groups, organizations and individuals all over the world.

The flood victims' temporary shelter in Brgy. Marianville, built by the Swiss Humanitarian Aid.

Children evacuees form a long line for the distribution of christmas gifts.

Volunteers from the Task Force Children of the Storm and Migrante distributed school supplies to the children-victims.

Used clothings donated by individuals and groups from abroad were distributed to the evacuees.

The second area that the group visited was Brgy. Tagumpay, the original community of the victims temporarily residing in Marianville.   The group distributed school supplies and used clothing to the victims who already returned to their community from Marianville.  Some of the purok or sitios of this barangay were totally washed away during the onslaught of typhoon Santi.  One of several buildings of an elementary school was completely crushed to the ground by rampaging waters from the lake coupled with the strong winds.  The school still houses seven families of evacuees.

The last stop of the gift-giving activity in Laguna was in Barangay Galvez, adjacent to Brgy. Tagumpay.

The road leading to Bgy. Tagumpay in Bay, Laguna remains flooded to date.

A boy sheepishly smiles as he showed his ticket for the gift-giving.

Volunteers from Australia hand out relief good to evacuees.



The Task Force also facilitated the gift-giving activity of the KAIBIGAN Foundation to the evacuees in Talanay evacuation center last December 22, 2009.  The group provided the evacuees with food packs and potable drinking water. 

The evacuees have been in the basketball court for almost 3 months now. They were not allowed to return to their homes situated under the San Mateo Bridge and yet no relocation site was identified for them.

The children in the evacuation center completed the psycho-social debriefing process facilitated by the Task force within six consecutive weeks. 

Evacuees patiently waited for the distribution of goods.


KAIBIGAN Foundation staff distributed to the evacuees the relief packs that also served as early Christmas gifts for them.


Children recieved relief packs for their family.

The Task Force also distributed the kits (comprised of toys and games, big plastic containers, materials for tents) for child friendly spaces for evacuation centers from UNICEF and boxes of used clothing from various donors from Singapore, HK, Canada and the US to the women’s organizations that are currently catering the need of evacuees in Bgy. Bagong Silangan, Sitio Talanay, Bgy. Tatalon and in Muntinlupa and Alabang evacuation centers.  The psycho-social processing activities were completed in the Bgy. Bagong Silangan and Sitio Talanay while activities in Bgy. Tatalon and in Muntinlupa and Alabang will start in January 2010. 


 Marianville Temporary Shelter

at Barangay Tagumpay

Brgy. Tagumpay's multi-purpose court remains submerged in water from the Laguna Lake. The court was rendered useless for months and was already covered with water lilies. This photo was taken a few steps from the distribution area during the gift giving activity.

Children play in the space that used to be the administration building of the elementary school. At the background is the main school building that serves as temporary housing for seven families.

The ruins of the school building crushed by strong winds and flood surge from the Laguna Lake

An old man fixes his fishing net. Fishing is the main source of income for the residents of this barangay.


at  Barangay Galvez


at Talanay Evacuation Center



For Reference Ms. Sophia Garduce, spokesperson (0928-5089104)
10 October 2009

To avert future disasters


With the recent events unfolding in the Philippines, particularly the onslaught  of catastrophic  typhoons “Ondoy” (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma) devastating whole communities, child rights advocates  join the call for a total log ban and the immediate junking  of the Philippine Mining Act  of 1995.

Sophia Garduce, spokesperson of SALINLAHI Alliance for Children’s Concerns, noted that “typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng victimized hundreds of thousands of children within a span of 15 days, a situation that could have very well been prevented if we had a government that cares both for its people and the environment.”

The group said that it is erroneous and misleading to put the blame solely on the urban settlers for the floods that submerged many parts of Luzon. “The Arroyo administration needs to go beyond saying “sorry” for not implementing a comprehensive plan on solid waste management and for not allocating resources for an adequate housing program. Moreover, it has guiltlessly opened up the natural resources of the country to massive abuse by big foreign corporations who denuded our forest reserves through highly mechanized loggings, put big numbers of communities at risk of sudden flooding by spill offs of mega-dams, and almost depleted our mineral resources through open pit mining. Saying sorry a million times over will not bring back the lives of children who died in the aftermath of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng,” said Garduce.

Likewise, Salinlahi also criticized the “Balik Probinsya” solution of the Arroyo government for the urban settlers who are displaced by the flood.  “This solution is based on the premise that the people are safer in the provinces compared with their current settlements.  The same disaster is now happening in the provinces, particularly in Northern Luzon precisely because the problem of depleted and rampant abuse of natural resources remains unaddressed,” Garduce said

“We Call on the congress to immediately repeal the Mining Act of 1995 and to pass a total log ban on highly commercialized and mechanized logging,’’ Garduce  said.   The group also calls on the congress to immediately abandon CHA-CHA as it is synonymous with opening up Philippine resources to 100% percent foreign ownership and further ravaging of natural resources. “Let us stand up for our children’s future and prevent a continuing disaster that is the Arroyo administration’s anti-people and anti-environment policies,” ended Garduce. ####

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