Since the torrential rains in August 7, Olandes community in Marikina has not received any medical attention. After collecting medicines and commitment from health professionals, Task Force Children of the Storm (TFCS) with donations from Gabriela Women’s Partylist and individuals, conducted its Health and Relief Mission on August 21, 2012.

Doctors, nurses, as well as nursing and social work students spent their holiday in providing health service, relief, porridge meal and fun activities for more than 100 children in the community. While parents wait for their cues, discussion on breastfeeding, health care, children’s rights and disaster preparedness were also conducted by speakers from Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns, Children’s Rehabilitation Center, Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia and Batibot Children’s Learning Center.

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Task Force Children of the Storm reached residents of
Obando, Bulacan


At 4AM this morning, Task Force Children of the Storm and Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation hit the road to make it at 8AM in Parish of San Pascual Baylon in Obando, Bulacan before “high tide” gets real high (4 meters deep).

Four hundred packs of relief goods were distributed to children of sitios San Pascual, Paliwas, Catanglan, Panghulo, Hulo and Pag-asa.

Rice porridge, bread and egg were also served and being shared for breakfast.

We didn’t have rain today. In fact, it was sunny.

However, since typhoon Gener and the August moonsoon rains, “high tide” as part of life   in this side of Central Luzon is not a joke.

Years ago, Bulacan was dam(ned) with the construction of Angat, Ipo and Bustos. People struggled against the construction for fears of disturbance in natural trails of rivers and seawater as well as the destruction of biodiversity.

Years later, residents of Bulacan, Pampanga and…

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Southwest monsoon brought massive flooding in Metro Manila and nearby provinces last week, leaving thousands of victims homeless and hungry. Victims were brought to evacuation centers in public schools and covered courts.

Task Force Children of the Storm (TFCOS) responded immediately to the needs of flood victims. On the 8th of August, porridge, pancit and packed lunch were distributed to 1,650 individuals residing at Sitio Olandes, Barangay Industrial Valley Complex, Marikina City. On the 10th of August, 450 individuals were given porridge and 413 families were given relief packs containing 1 kilo of rice, milk, packs of instant noodles and canned goods. The following day, 11th of August, 132 packs of clothings were given to the victims of Barangay Bagong Silangan.

Plans of distributing school supplies and giving hot porridge to 500 children and relief goods distribution at Sitio Olandes, Barangay Industrial Valley Complex, Marikina City and Obando, Bulacan are scheduled this 16th and 17th of August.

Due to the flooding and continuous rainfall brought about by another tropical storm, Helen (International name Kai-tak), diseases such as colds, cough, fever, athlete’s foot, diarrhea and other illnesses are rampant affecting mostly children.

TFCOS plans to hold a medical mission together with relief distribution, feeding and psycho-social first aid to children victims of flooding on the 22nd of August. Once again, we are knocking into your kind hearts. We need your generous help to do these plans of reaching out to more victims and providing them with the medical and psycho-social attention they need. Below are the needed items, personnel and number of people who can be helped.








Canned goods

2,000 cans

500 families

Instant noodles

2,000 packs

500 families


30 sacks of rice

500 families


500 packs

500 families


250 kilos

500 families

Powdered milk

500 packs

500 families

Dried fish

500 packs

500 families


1000 packs

500 families

Potable water

1000 bottles

500 families




Detergent soap

1000 bars

500 families

Bath soap

1000 bars

500 families


1500 sachets

500 families


1500 pieces

500 families


500 medium sized tubes

500 families




Paracetamol (adults)

2,000 tablets

300 individuals

Paracetamol (children)

300 bottles

300 individuals

Antibiotic (adults)

6,500 capsules

300 individuals

Antibiotic (children)

900 bottles

300 individuals

Loperamide (adults)

1,500 capsules

300 individuals

Oral rehydration salts

5,000 packs

600 individuals

Anti-fungal cream

500 medium sized tubes

500 individuals

Medicine for cough and colds (adults)

3000 tablets/capsules

300 individuals

Medicine for cough and colds (children)

300 bottles

300 individuals

Povidine Iodine (for wounds)

200 bottles

600 individuals

Gauze pads

300 pieces

600 individuals

Medical Mission



Doctors (general medicine)

10 doctors

300 individuals

Doctors (pediatricians)

10 doctors

300 individuals


10-15 nurses

600 individuals

Other health workers

10-15 individuals

600 individuals

Psycho-social first aid




10-20 individuals

300 individuals


We appeal again for your support to reach out to the victims, especially women and children, who are in dire need of psycho-social and medical relief.

The Task Force Children of the Storm is accepting the above mentioned donations through the office of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC).

#90 J. Bugallon St., Brgy. Bagumbuhay, Project 4, QC.

For inquiries please call (+632) 913-9244 or (+632) 439-1053 and look for Sarah Espineda or Leilani Calvo.

For financial donations, you can deposit at:

Peso account

Account name: Children’s Rehabilitation Center
Bank name: Bank of the Philippine Island – Kamias/Anonas Branch
Account number: SA 3323-2050-85


Dollar Account

Account name: Children’s Rehabilitation Center

Bank name: Bank of the Philippine Island – Kamias/Anonas Branch, Quezon City

Dollar account # 3324-0233-71          

swift code: BOPIPHMM


Please notify us of your deposit for your official receipt. 

Your donation will be a BIG help to the victims of flash flood.



August 10, 2012:

The Task Force Children of the Storm and KAIBIGAN Foundation jointly conducted a relief operations and “Lugawan” in Sitio Olandes, Brgy. IVC, Marikina City. More than 400 families have benefited from the first wave of relief distribution. Over 1000 children and adults enjoyed the rice porridge “lugaw” and egg that was also distributed after the relief packs were given.

According to the local organizers and teachers of OBELC there are 1500 families who were affected by the flood. The Task Force is aiming to reach out the whole affected families in the community.

To avoid a chaotic relief operation, the Task Force has created a system to organize the distribution. Residents were given stubs prior to the distribution in order to ensure that most of the affected will be reached out.


Residents patiently lined up to receive their packs


A smile of relief.




Children lined up for their hot lugaw (rice porridge) while their parents were receiving relief packs



The volunteers of Task Force Children of the Storm and KAIBIGAN Foundation  posed for a group picture after a successful relief operation.

Urgent Appeal for the Victims of flood in Metro Manila

For almost two weeks, the incessant rain brought by tropical storm Gener followed by the effect of the southwest monsoon caused massive floods in the provinces in Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog, National Capital Region particularly the communities of Bgy. Bagong Silangan, Payatas, Batasan, Commonwealth, Tatalon, Bahay Toro, all in Quezon City. Six (6) communities in Marikina City and other part of Metro Manila including the community day care center situated in the said areas were submerged in flood water. More than 12,000 families from Quezon City and Marikina City have been affected of this catastrophic event.
Evacuation Center
No. of Families
Bagong Silangan:
11 evacuation centers
2, 411families (9,813 + individuals)
Batasan Hills
3 evacuation centers
180 families (805 individuals)
Hapiland Chapel
4 families
Sylma’s house
25 families
Waterhole (di pa makaalis sa bahay)
80+ families
Covered Court, Diosdado Macapagal Elem School at iba sa 3rd flr ng bahay
5000 families
Dona Imelda
400 families
Damayang Lagi
500 families
del Monte
350 families
Kainging Bukid
500 families
Don Manuel
100 families
Bahay Toro
Chapel sa Sitio Militar
2000 families
San Antonio
Sinagtala Elem School
250 families
500 families
200 families
300 families
200 families
Olandes, IVC, Marikina
43 families (800 indi)
24 evacuation centers
35,000 families
In 2009, the Tropical Storm “Ondoy” claimed thousands of lives, injured many people, destroyed properties and livelihood. Three years after the incident, Ondoy survivors have yet to recover from the devastation as they presently continue to face another storm surge.
Because of the current situation, many houses were submerged again in floodwaters causing damages in properties and loss of lives.
The affected families are in need of immediate assistance for their survival. Food, clean drinking water, medicine, clothes, and other relief goods are greatly needed. For infants up to six months, breast milk from your donations is also very much needed. It will be safer for them to drink breast milk during emergency situations as water supply is not regular and unsafe.
The community day care centers that we are supporting particularly in the areas of Sitio Talanay in Brgy. Batasan Hills, Bagong Silangan in Quezon City and Olandes Batibot Learning Center in Olandes, Brgy. IVC, Marikina City have been submerged from flood water that destroy all of its belongings including school supplies, workbooks, utensils, tables and chairs.
We appeal for your support, for us to reach out to the victims, especially the women and children, who are in need of relief and rehabilitation services.
The Task Force Children of the Storm is now accepting donations of food, clothing, sleeping mats, blankets, toiletries, medicines, school supplies through the Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC).)
Please bring your donations to #90 J. Bugallon St., Brgy. Bagumbuhay, Project 4, QC. For your inquiries please call (632) 913-9244 or (632) 439-1053 and look for Sara Espineda.
For financial donations, you can deposit at:
Peso account
Account name: Children’s Rehabilitation Center
Bank name: Bank of the Philippine Island – Kamias/Anonas Branch
Account number: SA 3323-2050-85
Dollar Account
Account name: Children’s Rehabilitation Center
Bank name: Bank of the Philippine Island – Kamias/Anonas Branch, Quezon City
Dollar account # 3324-0233-71
swift code: BOPIPHMM
Please notify us of your deposit for your official receipt.
Your donation will be a BIG help to the victims of flash flood.
TASK FORCE: Children of the Storm is a network of children’s organizations in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines formed in 2009 after the tropical storm ‘Ondoy’ (Ketsana). It aimed to dedicate relief and rehabilitation of child victims of natural disaster.

Urgent Appeal for the Survivors of the Disastrous Earthquake in Negros Oriental


The Children’s Rehabilitation Center wish to convey heartfelt condolences to our Filipino brothers and sisters, especially the children, who have suffered from the tragedy of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the province of Negros Oriental and other parts of Visayas last Monday, February 6, 2012. Families and communities were devastated by the disaster.

As of now, the earthquake claimed a total of 48 lives including 12 children aged 6-12 years old, mostly from Negros Oriental. Meanwhile there are 52 people who suffered injuries and 71 individuals are still missing. Many people were buried beneath rubble and communications were cut off in some villages due to damages to infrastructures like roads, bridges and communication lines resulting to fears that the death toll and damages may be even higher than those already reported.

The people in Negros Oriental and other affected areas not only suffer from the loss of their loved ones but this tragedy left a trail of destruction on their households and livelihood. Thousands of victims are now in need of immediate assistance for their survival. Food, drinking water, medicines, clothes, shelter and other relief goods are greatly needed.

Moreover the tragic events that marked in the victims’ psychological well being should also be addressed. CRC Negros Outreach program in partnership with other local NGOs and POs responded immediately with a relief and psychosocial mission in the affected areas in Negros Oriental. Yet their efforts are not enough to cover all those who are affected.

Thus, the Children’s Rehabilitation Center National Office is planning to reinforce CRC Negros in its psychosocial and relief missions. We are appealing to our networks, organizations and individuals to extend your hand in helping our fellow Filipino especially the children by donating cash, materials and relief goods.

We are hoping that the children, their families and their communities be provided with services and necessary attention to help them rebuild their lives.

With your support, we could help in psychosocial and relief operations for the children and their families in Negros Oriental.

For your help you can contact us at (+632) 913-9244 or 439-1053 and look for Ms. Sarah Espineda or email us at



Laguna Lake's beauty and serenity

A traffic sign in Pakil, Laguna; tells motorists what to expect during rainy days.

Together with the Gabriela Women’s Party, the TASK FORCE CHILDREN OF THE STORM jointly conducted a psycho-social activity to more than 100 children in Pakil, Laguna last January 30, 2010.  The activity was held in Barangay Kasinsinan, a lakeside area, thus perennially flooded during rainy season.  Relief packs to more than 300 families who were victims of last year’s typhoons Ondoy and Santi were also distributed.

The SERVE THE PEOPLE CORPS (composed of different people’s organization) based in Southern Tagalog also invited a speaker from the Citizen’s Disaster Response Center  (CDRC) to give a lecture on  Disaster Management.  The lecture focused on the effects of climate change, vulnerabilities of depressed communities and the need to strengthen people’s unity through organizing to address the adverse effects of incoming calamities like typhoons.

Residents of Brgy. Kasinsinan, Pakil Laguna warmly welcomes the psycho-social and relief team.

Residents warmly welcomed the members of the Task Force and the Gabriela Women's Party staff.


Children eagerly await the start of children's activity.

Warm-up and rapport building activity.

Community mapping. Children shared their experiences during the calamity through community mapping.

The children also drew their individual experiences during and after the calamity.

Children aged 4-6 years old joined the play group.


Disaster Management Orientation was given by Mr. Carlos Padolina, deputy director of CDRC.

A leader from the Serve the People Brigade-Southern Tagalog, reiterated to the residents the need to unify as a community to address the worsening environmental situation.




On Christmas day (December 25), the Task Force Children of the Storm visited once again Brgy. Bagong Silangan; the community was one of the heavily devastated community when typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila.  Mr. Joel and Ms. Gigi Disini, a long time benefactor of Children’s Rehabilitation Center, spread Christmas cheers to a hundred children from Sitio Jubilee by sponsoring their Christmas party and giving gifts to the children and their families.  Sitio Jubilee was one of the communities severely affected by the typhoon last September and visited by the Task Force two months ago.

The documentation team visited Sitios Jubilee and Binhi ni Abraham, Brgy Bagong Silangan one week after typhoon Ondoy.

Sitio Jubilee, Brgy. Bagong Silangan, where the christmas and gift giving party was held.





Games for kids were held…





The Disini family also brough the kids  Jollibee packs, a special treat that brought smiles to the kids’ faces.


Christmas grocery packs for 100 families and gifts for the children were also distributed.

The Task Force Children of the Storm and the local organizers from Samakana-Gabriela thanks the Disini family for their kind-hearted  support for the families of Sitio Jubilee.






Together with MIGRANTE INTERNATIONAL, the TASK FORCE Children of the Storm held a gift giving activity to the victims of typhoons Ondoy (Ketsana) and Santi (Lupit) in the coastal municipality of Bay (pronounced as Ba-i), Laguna; last December 19, 2009.  The communities were home to many families of migrant workers.

Part of Laguna Lake that swelled during the typhoons Ondoy, Parma and Santi. This photo was taken right beside the elementary school in Brgy. Tagumpay

The municipality of Bay, Laguna is situated along the coast line of Laguna Lake, which swelled in the wake of four consecutive typhoons that hit the Philippines last September and October and to date, has not yet receded.   First stop of the group’s gift giving activity was in Brgy. Marianville, where 100 temporary shelters for typhoon victims were built by the Swiss Humanitarian Aid.  Majority of the at least 1000 individuals who currently reside here were from Brgy. Alfonso and Tagumpay, two of the Barangays situated near the lake.

The group distributed school supplies for children in pre-school and elementary level, while their parents received used clothing donated by different migrant groups, organizations and individuals all over the world.

The flood victims' temporary shelter in Brgy. Marianville, built by the Swiss Humanitarian Aid.

Children evacuees form a long line for the distribution of christmas gifts.

Volunteers from the Task Force Children of the Storm and Migrante distributed school supplies to the children-victims.

Used clothings donated by individuals and groups from abroad were distributed to the evacuees.

The second area that the group visited was Brgy. Tagumpay, the original community of the victims temporarily residing in Marianville.   The group distributed school supplies and used clothing to the victims who already returned to their community from Marianville.  Some of the purok or sitios of this barangay were totally washed away during the onslaught of typhoon Santi.  One of several buildings of an elementary school was completely crushed to the ground by rampaging waters from the lake coupled with the strong winds.  The school still houses seven families of evacuees.

The last stop of the gift-giving activity in Laguna was in Barangay Galvez, adjacent to Brgy. Tagumpay.

The road leading to Bgy. Tagumpay in Bay, Laguna remains flooded to date.

A boy sheepishly smiles as he showed his ticket for the gift-giving.

Volunteers from Australia hand out relief good to evacuees.



The Task Force also facilitated the gift-giving activity of the KAIBIGAN Foundation to the evacuees in Talanay evacuation center last December 22, 2009.  The group provided the evacuees with food packs and potable drinking water. 

The evacuees have been in the basketball court for almost 3 months now. They were not allowed to return to their homes situated under the San Mateo Bridge and yet no relocation site was identified for them.

The children in the evacuation center completed the psycho-social debriefing process facilitated by the Task force within six consecutive weeks. 

Evacuees patiently waited for the distribution of goods.


KAIBIGAN Foundation staff distributed to the evacuees the relief packs that also served as early Christmas gifts for them.


Children recieved relief packs for their family.

The Task Force also distributed the kits (comprised of toys and games, big plastic containers, materials for tents) for child friendly spaces for evacuation centers from UNICEF and boxes of used clothing from various donors from Singapore, HK, Canada and the US to the women’s organizations that are currently catering the need of evacuees in Bgy. Bagong Silangan, Sitio Talanay, Bgy. Tatalon and in Muntinlupa and Alabang evacuation centers.  The psycho-social processing activities were completed in the Bgy. Bagong Silangan and Sitio Talanay while activities in Bgy. Tatalon and in Muntinlupa and Alabang will start in January 2010. 


 Marianville Temporary Shelter

at Barangay Tagumpay

Brgy. Tagumpay's multi-purpose court remains submerged in water from the Laguna Lake. The court was rendered useless for months and was already covered with water lilies. This photo was taken a few steps from the distribution area during the gift giving activity.

Children play in the space that used to be the administration building of the elementary school. At the background is the main school building that serves as temporary housing for seven families.

The ruins of the school building crushed by strong winds and flood surge from the Laguna Lake

An old man fixes his fishing net. Fishing is the main source of income for the residents of this barangay.


at  Barangay Galvez


at Talanay Evacuation Center